Prelude to Fiction Flops

I wish I could typewrite all my blog posts… something about this machine makes me feel as if everything I wrote would be legendary!

So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12

In the course of trying to read so many books for this blog, it’s inevitable that I find a few I dislike, or at least don’t enjoy enough to haul them around to all my family members spewing my adoration for the premise or the characters or something else! I’m trying, as best as I am able, to give fair reviews; sometimes I’m not thrilled with a certain genre, for example, but I try to balance that out with the quality of the work so my rating is based more on the merit of the book than my own personal taste.

When I do rate a book less than 3/5 stars, I will be categorizing it under fiction flops, but please do remember that ultimately it is only (however carefully decided) my opinion, and I do not mean offense to anyone who may have read these books and love them. I would be thrilled to hear your input about why I shouldn’t have rated them the way I did!

As far as authors go, I do respect the huge amount of work and heart they may have put into their Christian fiction book, and I’m certainly not “out to get” anyone. One author I’ve been thinking about lately wrote one book I absolutely loved and reread, but also one book I found lacking. Aย fiction flopย (which I use lightheartedly) does not always equal aย author flop. My hope is that writers, especially those I ask to interview with me, will be understanding in this regard.

I desire for you to find my reviews fair, reliable, and helpful as you make decisions about what to read. Please remember to pray for guidance and wisdom as you choose how to spend the time our Savior has given you!

All this said, Lord allowing, my next post will be up Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

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