Sweetheart Bookmark Tutorial

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and at the North Pole Library, last week’s story times were themed around it. One of my coworkers prepared the sweetest bookmark craft for the kids, and it was so delightfully easy and lovely I wanted to share a tutorial here so you can make your own! Hand one to a friend, sweetheart, or your mom this week… โค

The only supplies you need are pretty squares of paper (about six by six inches worked for me) and scissors. I used scrapbook paper, but I recommend something thinner, like origami paper.
1. Fold your paper square diagonally to make a crease, then open it and fold it diagonally again the other way. Now you have a triangle shape.
2. Take the upper point of your triangle and fold it down to the bottom edge.
3. Fold the bottom left and right points of the triangle in to meet the downward fold you just created in the last step. Make a nice crease and then you can unfold them flat again.
4. This is the only part that might be confusing– take one of the bottom points and fold it up and then down inside the pocket indicated by the arrow in the picture. Repeat with the other point.
5. On the left is what your bookmark should look like now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cut out the curve of the heart shape with your scissors.
Finished product!

Velvet Ribbon Bookmark Tutorial


What do bookmarks, scissors, bobby pins, and pens all have in common?

Well, if you’re me, you have seemingly hundreds of them until the exact moment you need one… at which point it feels as if they were all sucked into a bottomless void somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle! Needless to say, I like to have extra bookmarks on hand to (hopefully) prevent myself from needing to use tissues or old pieces of mail.

These velvet ribbon page-keepers are among my favorites; they are classy, fairly affordable, and easily customized to your personal taste. They are also extremely easy to make…

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