Sneak Peek, My Hands Came Away Red

I’m wrapped up in the beginning of My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay, and so far I’m feeling optimistic! I have a distance to go before I can say whether this will earn four stars, but here’s a glimpse inside:      "I would like to go to Bible college,” Mani whispered, as if... Continue Reading →

Prelude to Fiction Flops

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12 In the course of trying to read so many books for this blog, it's inevitable that I find a few I dislike, or at least don't enjoy enough to haul them around to all my family members... Continue Reading →


Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. There are some very popular, acclaimed books I choose not to read… yet. Sometimes I look at their beautiful covers or hear a friend talking about them, but for now I set them back on their figurative shelf... Continue Reading →

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